Attendance Policy
Students are expected to maintain an attendance rate of 96% throughout the year. If you have questions about your child's current attendance rate, please contact Ms. Parker in the main office.

Did you know?
  • Your school is required to call you each time your child is absent
  • You are required to give the school a working contact phone number
  • You must provide the school a note, signed by you, for EACH absence
An excused absence shall be due to:
  • Your child’s illness
  • Your observance of a religious holiday
  • Death: in the immediate family
  • Family emergency
  • Circumstance or situations as deemed applicable by the Principal

Early Dismissal from school is highly discouraged as it takes your child away from their education. Students who must leave school during the school day must have a note from the parent to the child’s teacher stating the reason and the time for dismissal. The teacher will send the note to the office. Parents must come to the office to pick up their child. No child will be released from school without an authorized adult signing him/her out. Anyone under 21, and those not listed on the emergency information sheet, may not take a child out of school.